In honor of Women's History Month, USDirect created a map to show which female-led TV show is the most popular in each state.

To create their map, USDirect, which is an authorized DIRECTV dealer, looked at last year's Google Trends to determine the top show in each state.

From Parks and Recreation to Sex and the City, 13 different shows came out on top in at least one state.

Jane the Virgin and Parks and Recreation tied each being the most popular show in nine states.

"Strong female-led shows are everywhere, and even have their own category on Netflix and other streaming services. Our research found that the two most popular shows in nine states are Jane the Virgin and Parks and Recreation, followed by How to Get Away with Murder in seven states," a USDirect spokesperson said.

In Tennessee and Alabama, the top show is "Once Upon A Time," while in Georiga, "How To Get Away With Murder" was the most popular.

To see which shows came out on top in each state, visit USDirect's website.