March 18 through the 24 is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Fix a Leak Week to help decrease water waste. 

The national campaign helps to raise awareness about small leaks and other water issues that may waste water within homes and businesses.

Tennessee American Water is urging customers to get leaks fixed around their homes. 

TAW's director of operations says the average residence loses 10,000 gallons of water per year.

According to the EPA, more than one trillion gallons of water is lost every year due to leaks in homes across the U.S.

The Tennessee American Water website offers a leak detection kit, tips on finding common leaks and when to fix a leak yourself or when to call a professional.

Tennessee American Water offers these simple steps for detecting leaks:

  • Check your water meter at the start and end of a two-hour period during which no water is being used (i.e. when no one is home). If the meter changes, there most likely is a leak.
  • Place a drop of food coloring in your toilet tank and see if the water in the bowl changes colors within 10 minutes. If so, you have a leak.
  • At least once a season—and especially after extreme temperature changes—check faucet gaskets and pipe fittings for surface leaks, indicated by water on the exterior of the pipes.
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