Janet Hinds, the woman accused of a hit-and-run that killed Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger, is the subject of a new lawsuit.

Officer Galinger's parents are suing her for $10 million.

The family's attorney is asking for a jury to review evidence in the case.

This lawsuit states four reasons why the Galingers should receive damages in this case.

Those reasons include three different negligence claims, as well as wrongful death and survival.

A local attorney explained what could come from this civil suit.

The family is suing for punitive damage, which is also known as exemplary damages.

“To make an example of this defendant, this conduct, and to punish the defendant,” David Harrison, an attorney, explained.

Harrison is not representing either party but talks about what this means in the court of law.

He says coming up with the monetary value of Officer Galinger is difficult, so an economic expert determines that amount.

“In Tennessee, it's based on the age, health, education, earning capacity and some other factors,” Harrison said.

Harrison went through the list of claims brought against Hinds.

The majority of them are for negligence, which is the failure to provide care.

“Ordinary care is what a reasonable person would do under similar circumstances,” Harrison explained. “Failure to stay in your own lane, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to stop at a red light, then you are negligent per se.”

Hinds received this lawsuit Friday.

Harrison said we will have to wait to see how this case will turn out because Hinds could file contributory or comparative negligence.

“That's negligence of the injured person or the person who is bringing the lawsuit,” Harrison said.

This could reduce the amount or cancel it out.

Right now, Janet Hinds is out on bond. Her criminal case was sent to the grand jury.

Channel 3 has reached out to see when she will be back in court. As soon as we get that information, we'll pass it along.