Humans or machines?  That was the topic called in by Linda who wanted to give her 3 Cents.  Here is what she had to say:

"This is Linda Snyder.  I live in LaFayette.  My 3 Cents worth is about technology.  Because I don't have a smart phone, I am no longer in the zone.  All I hear is app, app, app.  I am told, "Don't come to the counter.  Go to the machine and place your order."  I go through the drive-through, get my lunch, and then go in to eat.  Imagine that.  Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.”

I have been to a few places using kiosks, Panera Bread, McDonalds and the self-checkout is in most supermarkets. That experience drew a lot of response on Facebook.

Rich says, “I welcome our new robot overlords!”

Dustin says, “Looks like they are getting ready for the $15 minimum wage”

Holly is throwing a little shade.  She says, “About as much customer service as I would get from the person at the counter.... the kiosk listens to me and my order is usually correct.”

Lexi said, “Awful. Do not support these or self-checkouts. I’d rather stand in line! They don’t pay me to be the cashier.”

B.G. says, “It discriminates against a lot of seniors!”

While Curtis celebrates, “Introverts all over the world are rejoicing.”

And Jason offered a good perspective.  He said, “I am on the fence about this! I can see multiple orders going in, but is there additional help in the cooking area? Plus, I love technology, so anything with a touchscreen can be fun. I may experiment more with the menu if I did a touchscreen.  BUT, I love the friendly smile, the rapport, and the "humanness" of customer service.”

My 3 cents… I’m on the fence, too.  For me, there are 3 areas of consideration:

  • First is the possibility of the employee position being replaced. But throughout history, technology has forced us to be more creative with employment opportunities, and this is a continuation of that.  
  • Second, the employer. You have to have some sympathy for the business owner trying to be financially responsible. Remember, businesses aren’t started to give people jobs. They have to make a profit or they’ll close.  
  • Third, the customer. Poor customer service has been inflicted on me more than I like. If a business is going to commit to keeping people on the front lines, they need to also invest in customer service training. If the person up front is just someone coldly telling me how much and giving me change, it might as well be a machine.

That’s my 3 Cents, also. Hey - if you have a rant or something positive you want to rave about I want to know! 

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