Savannah Petree has been suffering from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) for the past two years.

This has caused some setbacks for the 16-year-old.

"Dizziness, extreme fatigue is the one that I have the most troubles with, but fainting is also very common and migraine headaches, blurred vision, and brain fog is a big one,” Savannah said.

Those are just some of the symptoms she deals with on a regular basis.

A rare nervous system disorder that has altered many aspects of her life, like social events, sports and even school.

"School is actually very hard because of the brain fog, so I'm not able to get a lot of school work done,” Savannah said.

Savannah's mother, Addie Petree, said it's been hard on everyone.

"And we went to multiple doctors in multiple cities. And no one knew really what was going on or what was wrong,” Addie Petree said.

In order for Savannah to get the proper treatment, it would cost more than $60,000.

Her insurance doesn't cover the cost.

So, Savannah's friends and family got together and hosted an all you can eat pancake and sausage breakfast at Applebee's off of Shallowford Road Saturday Morning.

They even had several local businesses donate items to be auctioned off as prizes to help raise money for the treatment.

A good deed by a loving community.

"She would be able to be a full-time student again, which is our goal. Savannah would love to be able to play sports again and be active in her community. So, it would mean everything,” Petree said.

Savannah said she's truly grateful for all the love and support in a tough part of her life.

"It was a little overwhelming, but also, at the same time, I feel so loved and to know that so many people in the community support me, and it feels great,” Savannah said.

Savannah started a support group with people in the area also impacted by the disease.

The group meets once a month to talk about their struggles, and even tries to do some form of exercise together.

Addie said that one thing this disorder hasn't taken away from her is her spirit to keep fighting.