An 18-year-old has been arrested and charged with reckless endangerment in connection with a February 'shots fired' call.

On February 24, Chattanooga police were called around 3:00 am to a shots fired call in the 1400 block of Cowart Street.

A witness told officers that he saw Brandon Rogers and another person in a vehicle, according to an affidavit. Someone in the vehicle fired shots, but the witness was unable to identify who was shooting.

Officers found eight .40 caliber shell casings and two 9mm shell casings in the area.

Witness statements and evidence found were then turned over to CPD's Gun Team, a CPD spokesperson explained.

On March 5, CPD's Gang Unit Investigators pulled a vehicle over in the 3600 block of Chateau Lane. According to the affidavit, Rogers was one of the individuals in the vehicle. During the traffic stop, investigators recovered a gun after Rogers told them he had one in his jacket pocket.

The .40 caliber shell casings found on Cowart Street ended up matching the gun investigators recovered from Rogers during the traffic stop, the affidavit explained.

"After reviewing evidence from both the initial incident and subsequent traffic stop, probable cause was established to obtain a warrant for Felonious Reckless Endangerment on Brandon Rogers," a CPD spokesperson said.

Rogers was arrested on Wednesday, March 13.

CPD is still investigating the incident and asks that anyone with information call 423-698-2525 or send in a tip to using their app.