Google Chrome has added the fastest growing search engine as an alternative to Google Search.

Google added "DuckDuckGo" as a possible default search engine while using the Chrome browser. What is DuckDuckGo? Great question!

It works just like Google Search but it doesn't save your web searches and pages you view and sell the information to advertisers. Google Chrome and Google Search make no excuses for doing that and unless you delete your Google Activity, everything from web pages to YouTube videos to searches are saved.

To add DuckDuckGo as a search engine for Chrome, go to and search for something. Once you've done that, look at the lower right-hand area of the screen and tap the settings menu. Tap "search engine" and select DuckDuckGo which should be visible at the bottom of the page.

Like Google, DuckDuckGo has a very clean look. It's as fast as Google but doesn't save or share anything you do online.

On a desktop computer, there's a DuckDuckGo extension in Google Chrome. DuckDuckGo also has apps for its browser for iPhones and Android devices.

Why use it? DuckDuckGo doesn't save your searches or web activity. So there's nothing to share with advertisers. You may still see ads, but they won't be related to things you've searched for earlier.

After browsing the internet you want to clear your history, it's just a tap of a flame icon at the bottom of the screen.

DuckDuckGo probably isn't for everyone. If you've been using Google Chrome for years, it's going to take some getting used to. But if you're concerned about all the ways you can and are being tracked, it may be worth the effort.