Flooding in Hamilton County has been a concern for homeowners and elected-officials for about a month now.

Some may have property damage and need somewhere to stay.

Airbnb has asked homeowners to open their homes for those who need some help.

Hamilton County is one of many counties in Tennessee that has asked TEMA for at least a million dollars in assistance.

Until FEMA can get a declaration for President Trump to allocate funds, organizations are looking for ways to help.

Airbnb is stepping up to the plate.

Ten days ago, Airbnb hosts received an email looking for people who wanted to open their homes for free to those impacted by area flooding.

Homeowner Robin Howe said at first she hesitated because it's time for spring break.

“Selfishly there was a little bit of an 'ugh' this is a prime season, and I'm giving out my income,” Robin Howe said.

Then, she remembered all of those who are dealing with damage from an excessive amount of rainfall.

“People who have absolutely nothing, and I have a lot,” Howe said. “It just seems painful to see what they are going through.”

Howe said doing volunteer work for other organizations encouraged her to do this.

She said knowing Airbnb standards helped her feel more comfortable hosting for free.

“I think they are very good about screening,” Howe said. “They are very good to ensuring there's really good communication.”

Howe said she hasn't had many offers this time around but hopes to stay on a permanent list in case the need comes up again.

“They may list my Airbnb for a certain region now,” Howe said. “But then, if there is a natural disaster in Alabama, they will list it again.”

If you or someone you know is looking for a temporary place to stay because of flooding, a link to find an Airbnb can be found here.