Chattanooga firefighters rescued a dog that was stuck in a wall of a Hixson home Thursday night.

Fire department spokesperson Bruce Garner says a toy Dachshund named “Bella” was chasing a squirrel around the attic when she fell through an opening and inside a wall between the den and master bedroom.

(Video by the Chattanooga Fire Department.)

Bella’s owners called the fire department for help when they heard her yelping through the wall and couldn’t figure out how to get to her.

Garner says Captain Andy Blevins used a saw to cut an opening in the wall and Senior Firefighter Shawn Roach was able to reach Bella within seconds.

Once Roach reached Bella, he handed her off to Firefighter Brandon McCully who was waiting below to catch her.

Bella was not injured and her owners were extremely grateful to the firefighters who saved.