Students at Chattanooga School for Arts and Sciences (CSAS) aren’t just talking about issues in government, they’re getting involved.

CSAS students entered a competition sponsored by the Tennessee Bar Association, challenging them to draft a bill to present to the state legislature. They recently received word that they won the competition.

Their bill calls for universal voter registration, a hot topic that has become an issue in recent elections, locally and nationally. Their hope is, that such a law would increase overall voting, and encourage minority participation.

Currently, 14 states and the District of Columbia have adopted similar legislation, but it may be a hard sell in Tennessee, and even with Hamilton County’s delegation, both of which are predominantly Republican.

On Tuesday of this week, the students made a trip to the state capitol in Nashville, presenting it to a state senator, and a state representative. It is scheduled to be considered by the legislature next week. 

Win or lose, teacher Kelly Davis says their work serves as a good example that she hopes other students will follow.

The students, led by Fisher Latham, Lauren Tolbert, and Brevin Sims, have been active in Model UN, and Youth in Government in the YMCA. They say their goal is to get the attention of other young people, and if their bill becomes law, they hope it will even the playing field in future elections.