UPDATE: Hamilton County Schools is reviewing an administrator's part in an altercation with a 13-year-old female student that happened at Dalewood Middle School on Monday.

The incident was caught on camera, prompting one school board member to express concerns about what she saw in the video.

It's been viewed on Facebook more than 1,000 times. 

According to Matt Lea, spokesperson for the sheriff's office--which employs the resource officer on campus--, the administrator seen in the video called for assistance after the student became physically violent with school personnel.

The video shared online does not show the entire event, just the moment the student was pinned down on the ground and placed in handcuffs.

UnifiEd Executive Director Jonas Barierre issued a statement in response to the video. The full statement reads:

"This video, unfortunately, underscores the need for deliberate action to ensure that student safety is the first priority. The community has repeatedly called for substantive changes that address the inequities inherent in school discipline policies, for enacting restorative justice practices, and for the hiring of additional school counselors to ensure students receive the support they need. While the school system has taken steps to address these issues, we urge leaders across Hamilton County to heed calls from the community to prioritize this work.”

School Board member Karitsa Mosely-Jones, who represents the Dalewood district, told Channel 3 she was bothered after seeing the video. It reads:

“I would hope that (my constituents) would trust me as their board member to work to investigate to ensure that all was handled appropriately and that the student’s rights were protected. From what I know, it seems to me the procedure was handled appropriately up until…but I can’t speak for what police protocol is. Do I have some concerns? Yes, I do have some concerns  based on what I saw from the video.”

Lea says deputy discretion is encouraged to avoid referring a student to juvenile court, and an arrest is a last resort. 

According to the sheriff's office's policy on arresting juveniles, a deputy is trained to attempt to gain the trust of the child in an effort to make the incident less traumatic.

A child can be taken into custody without a parent's notification before the arrest. The procedures are the same for both boys and girls.

PREVIOUS STORY: A student was arrested at Dalewood Middle School on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says the student became physically violent with school personnel.

The school resource officer tried to detain the student but had to call in help from the Chattanooga Police Department, due to the level of the student’s resistance.

The student complained of an injury and was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

The student was then booked at the juvenile detention center.

The student is charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and four counts of simple assault.

The SRO received minor injuries and was later treated and released as well.