Flooded boat docks, yards, even pools. This is what residents living along Suck Creek Road in Hamilton County have been dealing with since January. 

"The floods this year have been massive and they just continue. It will go down a bit and it comes back up a bit when it rains and it goes back down," Richard Pinceilli said. 

Pinceilli has lived here for more than 30 years. 

While flooding is a part of living along the river, he said it's never happened this often. 

"Everybody just waits until it's all over," he added. 

Up the road, one homeowner's deck and pool are destroyed. 

Flooding has mainly damaged Pinceilli's gazebo and boat dock but he said his neighbor wasn't as lucky. 

"They were flooded, it was 3 feet of water in the basement. They're still letting things dry out," he said. 

With more rain in the forecast for Thursday, he's holding off on repairs and bracing for more flooding. 

"I don't know what the boat dock will look like when the water goes down," he said. 

But Pinceilli isn't letting this current situation dampen his summer plans. 

He said life along the river will be going again once the rainy season passes. 

"It's a really interesting area, very interesting. Plus it's historic," he said. 

Pinceilli believes the flooding is also a result of spilling from TVA between Nickajack and Chickimauga.