It could be months before the Georgia State Patrol concludes its investigation into a fatal crash that claimed the lives of three people in Trenton, Georgia on Tuesday.

The crash on Highway 301 and claimed the lives of both the drivers on impact

“It happened so fast,” Trenton resident Myron Culpepper told Channel 3. 

Culpepper says he was at home when the crash happened Tuesday afternoon. He didn't see it himself, but his exterior security cameras showed a black Camaro driving past just seconds before he heard a loud crash.

“I heard it and when I looked out my window I just (saw) debris flying everywhere,” he recalled.

The crash killed two people on impact, the driver of the 2017 Camaro, 23 year-old Destiny Cagle of Bryant, Alabama, and the driver of a 2009 Nissan Sentra, Zachary Evans of Henegar, Alabama.

A third person, 20-year-old Nathan Smith who was a passenger in the Camaro, died later at the hospital.

 “What the evidence is showing is that the Camaro was on the wrong side of the road,” Sergeant Chris Harris with the Georgia State Patrol.

Security camera footage shows the black Camaro crossing over the road’s center line at exactly 1:39 p.m.

 “The black Camaro was about two football fields up the road (and) I mean way up the road,” Culpepper explained.

Harris says at this time they haven’t determined whether speed was a factor.

"Anytime you have a serious crash like this, that’s gonna be one of the things that you look at. We’ve not made determinations on speed of either vehicle,” he said.

According to Harris, the initial crash report should be complete within the next five days, but the full investigation could take anywhere from six to eight weeks to complete.

One of the two surviving passengers, 19 year-old Isaac Wright of Higdon, Alabama was taken to a Chattanooga-area hospital, but is expected to be okay. 

The other crash survivor, 24-year-old William Wells of Ider, Alabama, is still in critical condition.

Both were passengers inside the Camaro.