UPDATE: NEW YORK (AP) - Facebook says its lengthy outages over the past day were the result of a "server configuration change."

The outages affected countless users and advertisers worldwide. Some people weren't able to reach Facebook's website and apps, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The length of the outage is another publicity problem for a company already dealing with privacy issues and regulatory probes. The outages started midday EDT Wednesday. There were still sporadic problems Thursday morning.

Facebook did not say how many users were affected or why the outage was so long. In a tweet about 24 hours after the problems began, Facebook apologized and thanked people for their patience. It didn't elaborate on the server change.

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A spokesperson for Facebook said the site is down for "required maintenance."

DownDetector, a website where people can report outages, people have been reporting issues with both Facebook and Instagram for over three hours.

To pass the time away, users have been having fun at Facebook's expense on Twitter.

Channel 3 will let you know when the sites are back up and running.