Dalton Police Department is encouraging people to check their bank accounts after skimmer was found on an Atlantic Capital ATM Monday morning.

An error message alerted an ATM company that something was wrong with one of their machines.

A technician went to fix the issue, and they found the skimmer on the machine.

It’s unclear how long this metal skimmer was stuck inside the ATM card reader at Atlantic Capital Bank in Dalton.

On Saturday, an error message showed up on the ATM, and people were no longer able to use the machine.

“It had some kind of a security feature that detects a disruption in the operation, and it shut the device down,” said Bruce Frazier.

The company was unable to get the machine to reboot remotely.

A technician was sent out the next business day.

That's when they heard a clicking noise around the card reader and called the police.

Bruce Frazier with the police department suggests going inside to a teller can be the safest option.

“There's not a full proof way to make sure that you're never going to get flagged,” said Frazier. “It's not one of the first times that we have seen them at a bank.”

Officials do not know how many people are at risk.

Frazier says investigators are working to learn who placed this device on the ATM.

They also want to know when it was installed to find out how many people could have been impacted.

“Not knowing when it was placed at this point,” said Frazier. “So we don't know how many of these people might have used ATM while it was there before the thing shut down if any.”

Frazier says the skimmer may not have been able to scan information remotely.

He says it’s believed the suspect would have to physically come back to the machine to get the collect the information.

“It's configured a little bit differently,” said Frazier. “This time it was a plastic piece that over the beds over the frame around the around the ATM screen. In the bottom of the screen is a pinhole camera.”

Frazier says businesses in the area have been notified about the skimmer so they can check their machines.