How do teenagers tap out a message so fast? Smaller fingers for one thing, but they've put in hundreds of hours getting better and better.

For everyone else, we need a little help. The faster our fingers fly, the more mistakes we make.

That's where Grammarly comes in. It's both a keyboard for the phone and desktop program that checks spelling and even grammar and punctuation. There's a free version that's pretty great. I use it every single time I write. It does a great job correcting spelling and suggesting other words. The premium version is more like an English teacher. It checks punctuation, correct tense, even there, their and there.

After you finish the sentence or paragraph, tap a button on the keyboard and Grammarly will check everything you’ve written and suggests any changes.

It isn't perfect. It won't correct everything you mistype, but it's better than depending only on auto-correct. The free version is plenty for most people, the premium version is around about $12 a month if you pay for the whole year up front.

If you're just typing out texts and Facebook posts, you'll be fine with the free version. For anyone who needs a proofreader, you might want the premium version.

There are Grammarly apps for iPhone and Android smartphones.