Lighthouse Church International in Charleston, Tennessee plans to help the victims of the recent tornado outbreak in Lee County, Alabama.

Pastor Mitchell Wright says they plan to leave right after Sunday Service on March 17.

Pastor Wright says this is a big opportunity to help give back.

"We want to serve those in need," Wright said.

He says they plan to not only bring supplies to the area, but help with the cleanup as well.

Word of the church's trip has spread.

People in the community have dropped off donations like water, food, tarps, and even toys for kids who may have lost everything during the storm.

Wright is thankful to see so many people wanting to help those so far away.

"I feel like we are getting an opportunity now to extend the love and kindness and compassion that so many extended to us in our time of need," Wright said.

Wright says this isn't the first time his church has helped with disaster relief far away. He says he and the congregation went down to Wilmington, North Carolina to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Wright says he'll never forget how grateful the people of Wilmington were.

"That's what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to reach out, not just locally, not just when we are in need, but when we see a need in someone we don't even know. What a better way we can exemplify Christ," Wright said.

Wright says people can come by the church during business hours, Monday-Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and donate items to help.

He says people can also donate money online by clicking here.