A new playground coming to Jack Benson Heritage Park will allow more kids and families to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

The inclusive playground will give children with disabilities the opportunity to use the park with no problem.

Some families say people with disabilities should not have to sit on the sidelines while others have a good time.

Families Channel 3 spoke to say this will help their child develop and even allow them to play together.

Bliss Welch says she and more than 30,000 people in Hamilton County know that feeling of being excluded because of a disability.

She says even though playgrounds have ADA requirements, it's still not enough.

“Handicap assessable does not equal inclusion,” said Bliss Welch. “So this playground is going to offer something for a child of any kind of disability.”

About two years ago, Skyler Phillips came up with the idea to have this inclusive playground in our area.

Welch says this playground doesn't just make it easier for people with a physical disability.

“Poured-in-place rubber surface so that all mobile devices would easily roll over it,” said Welch. “They will have ramps throughout the entire structure so that the individuals in wheelchairs can make it all the way to the top.”

It will also help anyone with a mental disability.

“Children develop so many of their social and emotional skills through playing as they learn they get to use those tools,” said Welch.

Phillips says the plan is to build at the current playground off East Brainerd Road.

They plan to have two separate areas for families to enjoy.

“On the barn side, will be the 5 to 12 playground, then the 2 to 5 playground will be here under the oaks. It will be this area about 5000 ft.,” said Phillips.

A committee will help raise the million dollars needed for this playground.

The money will be given to the city to begin renovating the current park.

“As we start raising the money, we can start ordering parts and start getting things here as quickly as possible,” said Phillips.

Phillips also wants the community to help build the playground within a few months of getting the funds. You can find more information here.