UPDATE: A lightning strike on Saturday forced a Trenton, Georgia couple out of their Leisure Lane home of seven years.

Christina Rocks says she and her husband were in bed Saturday night when a loud noise woke them up.

“We heard a big boom and I saw a flash of lightning,” said Rocks.

Rocks says she spotted a piece of siding from her home laying in the driveway and became worried. She says she and her husband went to check out the rest of their home.

“We get to the garage and it's filled with smoke and we thought the house was on fire,” recalled Rocks.

That's when her husband called 911.

“We heard them coming and then we heard the sirens stop and we were like where are they you know,” Rocks said.

Firefighters arrived 10 minutes later.

Rocks says the lightning may have struck a tree, and sent an electric surge to another tree across her driveway. She says the surge eventually hit electric wiring underground, which is connected to her home.

“The wiring throughout the house is charred. There was no flames that we know of,” she said. “We're worried about our appliances and all of our electronics. We even have a picture of a surge protector that is blown up.”

Rocks says her husband’s truck was parked in the driveway and now has electrical problems after the strike.

Because power has not been restored to their home, Rocks says they have been living in a hotel.

It is not clear how much the damage will cost.

“We won't know anything until the adjuster and the electrician comes out and neither of them have been out yet. We're afraid it's going to be a long process,” she said.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Lightning struck a home in Trenton Saturday afternoon.

The Trenton-Dade County Fire Department said a home off Leisure Lane was struck around 5:00 pm.

Multiple wires in the home melted, a fire department spokesperson added.

No one was injured.