Tennessee's loss to Auburn in the regular season finale coupled with Kentucky's win over Florida means that the Vols will be the number three seed in the SEC Tournament next week.

LSU took the regular season conference championship outright with its 80-59 win over Vanderbilt.

SEC Tournament play begins Wednesday. Rick Barnes and crew will play Friday at 9 p.m. eastern time in the quarterfinals against Mississippi State, Texas A&M or Vanderbilt. The Vols are 4-0 against those teams this season.

Kentucky gets the number two seed over Tennessee because of a tiebreaker. The first tiebreaker is a head-to-head record. The Vols and Cats split two games this season, so you have to move to the second tiebreaker which is record against the no. 1 seed and on down the standings as necessary until the tie is broken. In this case, it goes down to no. 5 seed Auburn. Kentucky is 2-0 against them. The Vols are 0-1.

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