Louis Lee is a fan of Apple products and especially his Apple Watch 4.

"It was $500, but it's priceless,” he told Channel 3.

The 59-year-old U.S. Navy Veteran was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation a few years ago and had a pacemaker implanted, however, recently he wasn’t feeling well.

"I woke up and I was tired. I was more tired than normal and I was walking around the house and I noticed I was getting a little bit dizzy. Then I started getting a little short of breath and felt some palpitations and fluttering in my chest and I said this doesn't feel right,” Lee said.

If Lee had ignored the symptoms, he could have had a heart attack.

He contacted his doctor in Nashville who told him to download information from the pacemaker and send it to his office.

When that didn’t work, Lee turned to his watch.

“I told him I could send him a PDF of an EKG from my Apple Watch and he said ok do that. I don't think he truly believed me but he wasn't going to upset me if I was in a heart condition,” Lee laughed.

The watch has apps designed to catch irregular heart rhythms.

“Within just a few minutes, I got a call back from the doctor. He said he couldn’t believe it. He was looking at the PDF and he said you are definitely in AFib. The good news is that it's not critical,” Lee said.

After a brief stay in the hospital and a medical procedure, Lee says he’s finally feeling like himself again.

"I've got my energy back. I'm not light-headed or dizzy, and my heart's back in sinus rhythm. It’s cranking right along,” Lee said.

He says it’s all thanks to his watch.