“The atmosphere here is totally different. I mean Jim Smiddy gets loud, but up here it's a whole different atmosphere," student section leader Knox McGowan said of the Murphy Center.

It's one the Bradley Central Bearettes are no stranger to, playing in their 64th state tournament game in their storied history. You can't mention Bearettes basketball without thinking of the late Jim Smiddy. And a former player of his and TSSAA Hall of Famer knows he'd be proud of where they are today.

"I think he would be very pleased. Especially how hard they play. They play great defensive basketball," C.A. Dockins said.

And the support this team has is second to none. Two busloads packed with students along with parents and supporters making the trek to Murfreesboro from Cleveland.

"Last week at sub state was insane. That's the loudest I've ever heard The Jim. I think it's crazy to see a community come together for a team. Even Cleveland and Walker Valley students were cheering for the girls. I think it's really special for everyone to come together," Bradley Central supporter, and sister of the Bearettes’ Cambree Mayo, Jade Mayo said.

Cleveland and Walker Valley students cheering for Bradley Central? No way. But this is what happens when a team from the 423 has a chance to bring home state gold.

"They worked so hard. Everyone doubted them this year and they proved every single person wrong. So I am super proud of our girls and go Bearettes," McGowan said.