I don't want to get too gross, but practically everyone has a phone that has spent a little bit of time on the bathroom floor.

It's something we don't want to admit or even think about. But when those phones leave the bathroom they take the germs with them.

"There's been all kinds of studies about how much bacteria and staphylococcus, things like that are on your phone," says Kevin Gabriel, who's company "Whoosh!" claims to clean smartphones.

Even if we wash our hands, we don't wash our phones. So those germs make it back to your desk at work, a computer, other people's hands and the dinner table.

Doctors and research say a filthy phone can cause the flu, food poisoning, pneumonia and staff infections. One study of phones belonging to high school students, under a microscope researchers found over 17,000 bacterial gene copies.

So what can you do? Clean the phone but that must be done carefully. Only water, no alcohol or cleaner. That can damage the screen. You can mix up a small amount of water and white vinegar and wipe it off with a micro-fiber cloth. There are products like Woosh on the market, formulated to clean and protect phones.

Careful to keep water from getting through the ports. If your screen is cracked, water can get inside, triggering this button here that voids the warranty, and could kill the phone forever.

No one is going to clean their phone every time they leave the bathroom. Doctors say the best practice is not taking your phone to the bathroom in the first place.