A video of a LaVergne High School students surprising a classmate is going viral.

"When I got up the next morning my phone was ting ting ting ting. I was like what’s going on? It was like 50,000 views," said LaVergne High School biology teacher Sonji Newman.

Newman says two students approached her asking if they could surprise 15-year-old Azie Robinson Monday as a way to thank him for all the kindness he shows others.

“He is the most caring, positive person I have ever met," said Dylan Norton, one of Robinson's closest friends who was in on the surprise. “I felt like I finally had a way to show my appreciation for him.”

Robinson's classmates surprised him with new shoes and clothes, bringing him to tears.

“It didn’t matter what the gift was at all. It warms my heart that they did that for me," said Robinson. “I’ve been having a lot of self-esteem issues lately, but through everything that everyone has done for me, I was finally able to say I’m for once happy to be Azie.”

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