A North Georgia couple says a Chattanooga police officer was in “the right place at the right time” when he helped their 3-month-old daughter who had stopped breathing.

Misty Hunter and James Durham were headed to the hospital with their baby girl who was sick. They say she had stopped breathing a few times on the way there.

As luck would have it, they spotted a police officer in a car next to them at the intersection of 23rd Street and Holtzclaw Avenue in Chattanooga.

“It was like it was meant to be for him to be there to help us,” said Hunter.

The parents say Officer Joseph Coleman was exactly where he needed to be.

The 24-year-old officer was calm and ready to help.

“I believe the baby was breathing kind of on and off. I just gave her some pats on the back to help her get going,” Officer Coleman told Channel 3.

Coleman said it was the first time he’d encountered anything like that since becoming an officer. CPR is part of officers’ training in the academy.

“He did absolutely great. He did everything he was supposed to do. It didn’t take him but a couple of seconds to have her back to breathing. He looked like he was completely experienced like it has happened before. He was just calm and collected and focused. It was amazing,” Hunter and Durham said.

Soon after, medics pulled up and took over.

Officer Coleman and Lakelynn Durham, now 4-months-old, eventually reunited and posed for a picture at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger where she’s been treated for meningitis for the past three weeks. Her parents say she is getting better each day and they plan to leave the hospital and go home on Thursday night.

They say they now consider Officer Coleman to be part of the family.

“It feels good to do something that helps somebody for a change. Many times we see the bad in people too much. It's good to actually help somebody and push them on through,” he told Channel 3.

The mom and dad say they’ll always be thankful for his help.