NEWPORT, TN — Animal lovers are uniting around a tiny puppy that was found abandoned and covered in chemical burns in Cocke County.

According to a Facebook post from the Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County, the 2-month old puppy, now named Hope, was found in a garbage bag.

"Her tongue is burnt, her ear is completely burnt, her entire belly is nothing but burns. She can't sit down," said the post.

Strangely, her nails had been painted by someone at some point.

A police report was filed with the Newport Police Department, which is investigating the abuse.

The shelter contacted Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in North Carolina which immediately took Hope and is now working to save her life.

They've started a fundraiser for Hope's care. They posted on their Facebook page that "Hope’s treatment will include pain medication, antibiotics, topical ointments, wound flushes, and a surgery later this week to remove necrotic tissue from her ear and tongue."

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