Hamilton County Emergency Services is in the process of applying for financial assistance because of the February flooding.

Hamilton EMS officials have spent weeks getting all the research needed to apply for the money.

Last Wednesday, they submitted their proposal to the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) before it gets sent to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Amy Maxwell with Hamilton County Emergency Management Services says water is rising in neighborhoods.

It's been difficult because instead of being in a concentrated area, the flooding is in scattered areas.

“We had mudslides in the Signal Mountain area,” said Maxwell. “We had some on Stringers Ridge. We had 8 to 10 houses off Hunters Road.”

Several counties in Tennessee are applying for grants from FEMA to help with flooding.

Maxwell says the first step is to survey all the property in the area that has water damage.

“So we are not only seeing them on foot,” said Maxwell. “We've seen the air, and we've also used maps. We are using several different types of information.”

Each county agency has to apply to TEMA, and then that application will be sent to FEMA.

“To see if we get approved for a presidential declaration,” said Maxwell. “So we are actually in the holding period.”

Hamilton County has applied for $1.7 million.

Maxwell says different states have also been hit by a natural disaster.

“We had significant fatalities in Alabama as well as significant fatalities in California,” said Maxwell.

In the meantime, homeowners should get in contact with their insurance agent.

Maxwell also says the county is still trying to figure out how they can help those in need.

“The fact that the water has not receded, so we can't just pump the water out,” said Maxwell. Where would we go with it? So there's a lot more that is involved with this.”

Officials are still waiting to find out how much money will be allocated to our area, and when community members will start to see some relief.