UPDATE: The City of Chattanooga has reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit over an incident in which a police officer punched and cursed a man during a traffic stop.

A $24,000 settlement came several months after a U.S. District Court judge ordered attorneys for all parties involved to mediate in good faith.  Bodycam and dashcam footage showed an officer identified as Benjamin Piazza cursing and striking Fredrico Wolfe.

ORIGINAL: The man seen in a video being punched by Chattanooga Police Officer Benjamin Piazza is suing the officers involved and the City of Chattanooga.

In the 30-page civil lawsuit filed by Wolfe's attorney Robin Flores on March 4, Fredrico Wolfe is asking for $3 million in damages, court fees, anything else the court feels is fit and that a jury trial is allowed.

Wolfe's attorney explained that Piazza and the two other officers involved, identified as John Doe 1 and 2, worked together to conduct an "unreasonable seizure" of Wolfe. 

They added that the other officers on the scene had a duty to stop Piazza from punching Wolfe and to report what happened.

In addition, his attorney said the city did not take action to address the officers' actions and "constitutional violations," even though they knew about the officers' violations soon after the incident.

Wolfe was subjected to "mental anguish and emotional distress" because of the officer's actions, his attorney explained.

The lawsuit includes eight counts:

1. Violation of Civil Rights Under Unreasonable Seizure by Excessive Force

"The force used by the individual defendants against [Wolfe] amounted to unlawful force that carried a high risk of causing serious and life-threatening bodily harm, was unnecessary and unreasonable under the circumstances and was the direct and proximate cause of [Wolfe's] injuries both physical and mental, needless suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life," the lawsuit said.

2. Violation of Civil Rights Under Malicious Prosecution

His attorney said Piazza had a "non-delegable duty" to not make false criminal charges against Wolfe. They said this claim is supported because the charges were dropped and the district attorney would not prosecute criminal cases that only relied on Piazza's testimony.

3. Violation of Civil Rights Under Failure to Protect and Render Aid

4. Common Law Battery

5. Common Law Assault

6. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Wolfe's attorney said Wolfe is now terrified if he sees a police officer.

7. Malicious Prosecution

8. False Arrest

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