A Georgia legislator is voicing his concerns to a bill that would rename the new, $127 million State of Georgia Appellate Courthouse for a former governor.

House Resolution 1, passed in both the Georgia House and Senate, would rename the building as the “Nathan Deal Judicial Center.”

Representative Colton Moore, who is also the youngest elected official from Dade County, Georgia at 24 years of age, is asking current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to veto the bill when it arrives on his desk.

GA Gov. Nathan Deal. AP photo

Moore cites that former Governor Deal continues to be active in Georgia politics. He owns and operates a lobbying firm which already represents clients, such as Pruitt Health, that have cases before State appellate courts on matters ranging from wrongful death to fraud against state agencies, Moore's memo states.

That presents a potential conflict of interest, according to Moore.

"In light of this, I request you ?veto any Resolution that names a living person to a building equal to the reach and influence of our State Capitol," Moore's memo requests.

Moore also explains the example of first U.S. President George Washington, who declined to be honored on a coin. Congress later passed 31 US Code § 5112 (n)(2)(e) which states:

“No coin issued under this subsection may bear the image of a living former or current President, or of any deceased former President during the 2-year period following the date of the death of that President.”