"A lot of victims that we see, unfortunately, are leaving their purses or wallets in plain sight."

Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller says one guy is responsible for half a dozen burglaries from vehicles since December.

"I would imagine there's more than the six that we know about," he added. "What we're noticing about the suspect is that he's going to a different parking lots where there are many vehicles and most of the victims' vehicles are unlocked."

We acquired pictures and video of the man when he went shopping on the victims' tabs, using their cards.

"At Walmarts, Game Stops, in different stores like that," said Sgt. Miller. "What we're seeing is that the suspect is purchasing home electronics items and probably reselling them later, like a PlayStation 4."

The suspect appears to be a black male with a light complexion, who's around 6-feet tall with a medium to heavy build.

"In the picture," Sgt. Miller said, "you should be able to recognize immediately who the suspect is if you know who he is."

Keep track of your cards, your purses, and your wallets. Sgt. Miller says some of this guy's transactions have been declined on the cards he did not use quickly.

"The suspect has went sic to multiple locations to try to use cards that have already been discovered missing and they been reported to the bank which is what we want you to do as quickly as possible," he explained. "So, that way, you don't become a victim."

When you are parking your vehicle at home, at the gym, wherever, there is an important step that can help foil this man's misdoings.

"If you can't take the items with you," Miller said, "try to hide them."

We have up to $1,000 reward cash waiting if you can ID this guy and allow authorities to sweep him up before he strikes again.

If you know him or where he hangs out, call Crime Stoppers at 423-698-3333. That line is manned 24/7 and we will never ask your name or who you are.

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