At 'Stompin' Grounds' Coffee, you're guaranteed to see two things: hot coffee and students studying.

The latter can be said now about YouTube, hours of videos of people studying. The latest viral sensation called "Gong Bang" is a video of students reading, writing and typing on a computer.

Some videos have music in the background, most do not.

There is the sound of rain outside a student's apartment in Korea. And a cat walking by the camera as a student in Canada studies for a business class.

One YouTuber, The Strive to Fit, has some videos that have been watched over 2 million times, and her channel has nearly 158,000 subscribers.

"I think it's weird...that is so weird."

Not everybody gets it. When I asked people to watch the videos, the reaction always the same: "what would make people hit 'like', or keep their attention for more than 2 seconds. I'm already bored."

What makes the videos so popular with students, I've found, is that they can have a 'study buddy' even when they're alone.

One YouTuber, whose channel is called "The Man Sitting Next to Me," live streams for hours every day with hundreds of people watching. Every comment is positive.

"I've studied maths and chemistry with you. Very relaxing. Thank You" and "I feel like I have a study buddy."

One Gong Banger has been live streaming his study session for several hours and over 200 people are watching him live.

Studying is extremely important in Korea and other Asian countries. Some students will study for 7 to 10 hours a day, and some of them do it on YouTube.