Two Hamilton County school buses with students onboard were involved in a crash Wednesday morning.

The crash happened at the intersection of Hunter Road and Barkley Creek Drive.

Hamilton County Schools spokesperson Tim Hensley explained that bus 27 and bus 34, which both serve Hunter Middle School and Central High School, were the two buses involved.

At the time of the crash, bus 27 was carrying 15 students, while bus 34 had 33 children onboard.

Hensley said the crash was the result of a "miscommunication between two bus drivers."

"Bus 27 was pulling out of a subdivision and thought the driver of 34 was going to let bus 27 onto the highway. It was a miscommunication and bus 27 hit 34," Hensley said.

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, no one said they were injured and the buses had minor damage.

Additional buses picked up the students and took them to school. 

Hensley said some students at Hunter Middle did later complain of discomfort in their back or neck area, and the school has been working with these students and their families.

The schools sent out a recorded message to all parents of students who were on the buses. Hensley added that to make sure every parent is reached, school officials will follow up with personal calls.