A Dunlap man is cruising around on a brand new bicycle after learning the one he owned was actually stolen.

Recently, Dunlap police officers spotted Mr. Ronnie Farley riding a bike that looked like one that had been reported stolen. Come to find out, it was the exact bike they were looking for.

"The stolen bicycle had passed through the hands of several individuals and eventually was purchased by Mr. Ronnie Farley for approximately $80.00," a Dunlap police spokesperson explained.

Throughout their investigation, police said Farley cooperated and wanted to make sure the bike was given back to its owner, even though it was his only mode of transportation.

Officers felt for Farley and wanted to do something to help him out.

Lt. Randy Phillips and Detective Bran Walker reached out to the Dunlap Walmart to see if they could help. The store pitched in and gave Farley a brand new bike free of charge.

The theft investigation is ongoing, but thanks to kind-hearted people, one innocent man is not without his bike.