Hamilton County Commissioners tabled the wastewater treatment plant on Mahan Gap Road discussion.

The multi-million dollar plant has been a concern for taxpayers in that area for a while.

Commissioners care about the lifestyle of the people in their districts.

So, they want to make sure they are confident in spending the county's money for the plant.

“There's no site picked yet. We don't know the cost yet. So when you table it, it can be brought back up at any time,” Commissioner Chester Bankston said.

Over the past few weeks, several commissioners have been to the site for the proposed wastewater treatment plant.

However, they aren't sold on the solution currently on the table.

A committee was formed to research the other possibilities.

"I would like to talk with you after the meeting because there's a couple of things I've heard you say that are not only intriguing, but I would like to know a little bit more about," Mayor Jim Coppinger said.

Dean Moorhouse, a member of this research committee, presented some of the findings to answer questions from commissioners.

These members have been in contact with other people who live in the Ooltewah area about the plant.

His goal is to submit a recommendation to the commission for them to vote on.

“The least costly solution to what has been identified as a problem within our community," Moorhouse said.

Moorhouse said the committee is looking into how many people will be impacted by the plant.

He says they are comparing data to see which solution makes the most sense.

“The 2018 population is 646,” Moorhouse said. “So there's a big difference between 646 and 8,760.”

The commission and Moorhouse said they are looking into a number of factors during this time.

“There were a lot of limitations that I think we've brought to you, to the county commission, that have been overlooked,” Moorhouse explained.

Right now it's unclear when this topic will return to the commissioners' agenda.

In the meantime, the committee continues to work out every possible solution.