Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent which ends Easter weekend. 

Lent marks a period of time when some Christians reflect on the biblical story of Jesus' time in the desert, where he fasted and prayed before his eventual death and resurrection. 

Many Catholics and some Protestants give up something during the period.  A new take is instead of giving up something, a person will do something positive. 

Here are some suggestions of things to give up:

  • Make a commitment to fast from insensitive, cruel comments about others. So, no gossiping or going down the Twitter rabbit hole
  • Single-use plastic-straws, plastic bags, and containers
  • Mirrors -If you spend a little too much time checking your reflection to make sure you look "just right," this might be for you. Or, instead of avoiding mirrors entirely, limit yourself to mirror time once per day.

Here are some suggestions of things to do:

  • Volunteer at a local charity or homeless shelter
  • Take on something - 40 days of letter writing, 40 acts of kindness, 40 phone calls to the important people in your life
  • Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself, plan a dinner, or bring food to an older person on your block.

If you observe Lent what are you doing this year?