A thief was caught on camera stealing mail and a package in a Chickamauga neighborhood.

It happened on Garretts Chapel Road on Tuesday afternoon.

Sandra Heming says she did not notice anything was wrong until the postal service sent a notification saying her package was delivered, but it was nowhere to be found.

“We feel so violated,” she said.

Heming ordered her son a pair of high jump shoes online. They were set to be delivered to her home on Tuesday, just in time for his high school senior debut track meet.

“Fifteen years; I've never had anything bothered, so I never thought anything about it,” said Heming.

But the shoes never came.

“I started calling the post office waiting for maybe a mis-delivery. They still don't show up.”

On Saturday, the day of her son's track meet, Heming went to her neighbors to tell them about her missing package just in case they saw something.

“They pull their footage from their cameras that covers our driveway and sure enough somebody actually pulls into our driveway after delivery,” Heming explained. “She sees the package so she turns around, pulls back into my driveway, walks onto my porch and takes the package which is my son's shoes and our mail.”

Heming says she has been in complete shock ever since, but also concerned about what information her thief has.

“My son is applying for school like we have FASFA information coming in and financial aid information coming in so who's to say what she has her hands on,” said Heming. “If she's doing that that easily I'm not the only one.”

Heming filed a report with the Walker County Sheriff’s Office. She says she is willing to do anything to help them find the person responsible.

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