Does your money run out before the end of the month? The app, Mvelopes may be what you're looking for. This app helps set a budget and helps you stick to it the way people have been doing it for years. The envelope method. Years ago people put cash in envelopes designated for specific expenses. When you go out to eat, you pay for it only from that envelope. When there was no money left, you didn't eat out again.

But no one pays the phone bill with cash. Mvelopes does the same thing with virtual envelopes.

Once you get an Mvelopes account, you connect your bank account to the app so it can monitor how much you have and when you get paid. Then, create your virtual envelopes. If your phone bill is usually $160, you fund the envelope with that amount. Create an envelope for every bill, plus eating out, going to the movies, wherever you spend your money.

All of that money is set aside so you can see beforehand what you should have left over. Once an envelope is empty, you have to wait until the next pay period before putting more money in it, to prevent you from going over budget.

With an Mvelopes account, you can monitor spending with the app, you can also get a bigger picture of your finances and budget at the Mvelopes website and it's much easier to create your budget from a larger computer screen.

Mvelopes doesn't prevent you from taking money from your bank account of course, but if you're serious about watching where your money goes and serious about putting some away each month, you might like this app with a classic method your parents might have used with real cash.

Mvelopes is a free app to download, but you'll need a subscription to use it which starts at $4 a month for the basic plan.