Channel 3 is beginning to learn more about conditions on Hamill Road where a Chattanooga Police officer was hit and killed more than a week ago.

Public Works crews had been monitoring the area after several days of rain caused the sewer system to overflow.

Hamill Road is four miles long and a well-known cut-through in Hixson.

The city's Public Works department said it's a known problem spot when we get a lot of rain.

A warning sign was placed near an overflowing manhole cover the night Officer Nicholas Galinger was killed but the road was not closed.

Monday, the cover sat undisturbed and dry.

Near it sat a cross, flowers and American flags, a reminder of the officer who died nine days ago.

Police say Galinger and his field training officer were dispatched to the area to check a reported road hazard around 11:00.

Galinger was inspecting the overflowing manhole when police said Janet Hinds hit him with her SUV.

An arrest report alleges Hinds was speeding when she hit a Public Works sign before hitting Galinger and driving away.

Justin Holland oversees Chattanooga's Public Works Department.

He declined our request for an on-camera interview but spoke to us by phone from his Chattanooga office.

He said his crews put the sign up three days before the crash but did not close the road.

"On Wednesday, February 20th was the first time I know that we were alerted about the sewer system overflow after heavy rainfall had overflowed our system," he added.

He said his team checked the area daily, which is a state requirement, and continue to do so when rain is in the forecast.

"Our crews did exactly what they've been trained to do," Holland added.

Data shows Chattanooga Police have responded to 181 crashes on Hamill Road in the last three years. Two of those were fatal.

Nearly half (48%) of those crashes happened in the last year but the one involving Galinger was the only one that happened in that spot.

Holland said after any significant weather or crash, they look at their procedures and protocols to see if anything needs to change.

Hinds, the woman charged in the crash, is due in court Tuesday morning.

Her attorneys have said bad weather conditions contributed to the crash.