The grieving fiance of a UTC student is speaking out after he was robbed and fatally shot while trying to sell his Xbox One.

Sarah Baluch, 22, said she hasn't been able to sleep in days since she got the news that the man she was planning to marry on March 9th was tragically killed.

"His parents are completely torn because they brought him to this country when he was 8-years-old for a better life--for a better life, but his life was worth an Xbox," Baluch said in tears.

She and Mohammad Sharifi's family never imagined a life without him.

"Our entire worlds revolved around each other constantly, and (now) I keep questioning life. I'm questioning why it was him," she told Channel 3.

Both the children of Iranian immigrants, their story of love was one that started at first sight.

"It was like it was meant to be because we didn't know our parents were both from Nashville, and we met here in Chattanooga. It just clicked immediately that day. It was a 'click,' and then we started dating after that, and after two weeks, we fell in love," Baluch recalled.

But the 'Romeo and Juliet' styled romance ended just a few weeks before the couple was set to marry when the 24-year-old UTC student was killed during a robbery over a gaming device.

"I can still feel the emotions that day and my heart stopped," she said. "I fell to the ground and then she told me that he didn't make it, and I immediately just passed out because it wasn't real. It didn't seem real because he is my strength," Baluch went on.

She says Sharifi would sell items on Facebook pretty often and was always careful when doing so.

"This is his gold chain. He took everything off before he left because he was always so cautious. He had been selling things on Facebook every single day," she explained.

She said she isn't angry with 20-year-old D'Marcus White, the man police believe is responsible.

"The only question I have for him is if he's sorry. I just want to know how could he look into his face and want to end his smile...want to end that beautiful smile," she said.

She just wishes she could've done something but wasn't able to save the man she calls her soulmate.

"I only feel mad at myself for why I wasn't there to give my heart instead. Why I wasn't there to help him, protect him. We promised to protect each other," Baluch said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"He was so kind, so patient, so confident, ambitious, motivated, everything. Everything that you'd want in a man, he was all of it," she added.

After seeing Facebook messages exchanged between Sharifi and White, police arrested and charged White with Criminal Homicide and Especially Aggravated Robbery.

Funeral arrangements and a memorial service have been held for the victim.