Hundreds of runners are getting ready to lace up their sneakers for the Chattanooga Marathon this weekend.

This also means downtown will be busy all weekend.

This is the fourth annual Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon.

The organizer says they listened to concerns from participants, and supporters from years past and made some changes.

In years past, spectators were shuttled from High Point to the First Tennessee Pavilion.

Now, everything will take place at Finley Stadium and the Pavilion.

Tim Morgan, the president of Chattanooga Sports Committee, says slight changes to the location for this year’s race will make a difference for a better environment.

“We wanted to create an ambiance of excitement to have everything concentrated here instead of shuttling our spectators,” said Tim Morgan.

Event organizers watched the forecast leading up to the event.

When snow was a possibility, they ordered enough heating sheets for the runners.

Morgan says they want to accommodate everyone during the weekend.

“Really, the safety is number one priority for all of our athletes,” said Morgan. “Now, there's supposed to be a little bit of rain. So we've invested in ponchos.”

Morgan says crews are monitoring the route to make sure it remains safe for participants.

“We'll continue to, over the next two days, are going out on every aspect, and checking every aspect of our course if there are dangerous areas,” said Morgan.

If they need to make adjustments then they will.

Drivers trying to navigate around the changes can expect to see Chattanooga Police directing traffic.

Morgan says drivers should be able to get around smoothly.

“There may be a little delay, but not much of a delay,” said Morgan.

The expo starts Friday with packet pick-up, and races will get underway Saturday morning.