As we gear up for another round of wet weather, many areas are still flooded or closed from the rainfall earlier this week.

A spokesperson for the Chattanooga Public Works Department said crews are monitoring several areas around the community that are already flooded and others that are prone to flooding.

"It's just how is this next bit of rainfall going to possibly worsen those already current really wet conditions," public works spokesperson Colline Miller explained.

A barricade blocks off the entrance to Stringers Ridge Park in Chattanooga. The park was one of several areas across the city that experienced several issues earlier this week after the heavy rains.

"Because these two rain events are very close together, we are really monitoring and evaluating some of the damage from the first one," said Miller.

She said crews are paying extra close attention to those areas as another round of rain moves through, but they are also doing regular maintenance to prepare.

"We're doing all the things we normally do as far as keeping our eyes on downed trees, clogged storm water infrastructure and making sure those are clean and clear of debris so that water can continue to flow," Miller explained.  

Miller said people in the community can help too.

Public works crews are asking everyone to use Chatt 311 to let crews know about backed up storm drains.

They also urge everyone to pay attention to detour signs and don't pass barricades.

"We ask everyone to be cautious of the signs, and the postings, and the road closures, and trail closures because they're there for their safety," Miller said.

Crews are monitoring these areas on top of the other work they do every day. They're hoping to better assess storm damage after this round of rain.