You may remember in August, a disturbing viral video called the "Momo Challenge" emerged on Facebook and other apps. It’s a fictional woman speaking with children convincing them to harm themselves and their loved ones.

Well, it’s back.

Officials are warning parents that the "Momo Challenge" is now popping up on YouTube. They say even if your child is watching something as innocent as Peppa the Pig, Momo appears as an ad in the middle of the video.

“This one messed up human in one place can touch people all over the world," mother Lyndsey McClelland tells me.

McClelland says her 7-year-old spent a lot of time of YouTube before she heard about the Momo challenge.

“My boyfriend and I were talking about this showing up in videos and how his son watches those exact videos," McClelland says.

The internet can be a great tool for kids to learn, watch movies and play games, but hackers are getting savvier and finding ways to corrupt harmless videos.

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