About 40 officers made the trip to Cincinnati including 21 members of Officer Nicholas Galinger's cadet class.

Before the bus took off, Chattanooga Police Chief Roddy gave a special thanks to those who helped the department while they worked through the arrangements.

Chief Roddy said the group is traveling five and a half hours to pay their respects.

“To Nicholas's family, to Nicholas himself, to the community of Cincinnati that gave him to us, and just work towards closure for everyone,” Roddy said.

Roddy said usually officers are rushing out to help those in need.

“In this instance, when police officers needed help from our community, they more than showed up,” he explained.

A local business, The Chef and his Wife, made sack lunches for the officers making the drive to Cincinnati.

“We made pimento cheese, and Cajun turkey sandwiches,” Ginger Gustafson said.

Ginger Gustafson and Tammy Evans dropped off the meals to the first group Wednesday and the second group Thursday morning.

“Time is the least we could give when someone has lost a loved one just to show that you care,” Gustafson added.