We're preparing for more rain in the Tennessee Valley over the next few days, but some Ooltewah homes are still under water.

Neighbors were hoping the waters would continue receding so they could start repairs, but instead they are worried about flood waters getting into their homes.

"Yeah, I’m just putting them up on top of these," Tami Reynolds said as she stacked new sandbags on top of old ones.

For the second time in two weeks, Reynolds is lining a home with sand bags.

"Hopefully we're just doing this again as a precaution and it doesn't get any worse," she said.

She helps manage rental property in Ooltewah for the owner who lives in California.

Water flooded the garage after heavy rains earlier this week and was just about four inches shy of getting into the home.

She's hoping they get lucky again.

"You can't do anything yet because we know more rain is coming," said Reynolds.

The water has gone down a little bit since then, but not much.

"It's pretty much a lake back here,” Reynolds said looking at the backyard. "See there's a whole tire with a rim floating!"

Reynolds said she has helped manage the property for about four years and has never seen anything like it.

Down the road, other neighbors are also taking action, trying to pump the water out.

And flooding has closed the entrance to a nearby neighborhood.

Reynolds said the worst part is waiting and not being able to properly assess the damage.

However, for now, they are just doing what they can.

"Hopefully it doesn't flood the house,” Reynolds said. “That's the goal. Just keep it out of the house."

Reynolds said they have asked the county for assistance, but said she was told the county can't help until water is inside the home.