Sully, the former service dog for the late President George H.W. Bush, started his next assignment Wednesday in Maryland.

Sully joined the Facility Dog Program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The program provides interactive care for patients and staff using service dogs and other animals using innovative "Animal Assisted Interventions," according to Walter Reed. The mission of the program is to help reduce stress and increase overall feelings of well-being among patients and staff, the hospital said.

Walter Reed Bethesda's facility dogs work more than 200 hours a month, collectively, and come into contact with more than 2,500 patients and staff. Hospital officials determined through tracking and monitoring that for every hour a facility dog and their trained handler works, they have the opportunity to create a positive experience for 12 patients and their families.

Sully gained national attention and affection for his companionship and service to Bush during the last stages of his life. After the former president passed in 2018, a picture of Sully resting faithfully in front of his casket went viral online.

Sully is a service dog from America's VetDogs, the nonprofit organization that raises and trains service dogs for disabled military veterans and first responders. America's VetDogs is the organization raising and training WBAL-TV's Puppy with a Purpose, Camden.

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