Time stood still Wednesday morning as Officer Nicholas Galinger was escorted through the streets of Chattanooga for the final time.

"Every one of us in blue right now have a broken heart. There's no doubt about it," Lt. Danny Jones said.

Shoulder to shoulder, Chattanoogans stood next to officers in blue.

They lined East Brainerd Road where traffic stood still.

Everyone focused on the hearse carrying Officer Galinger's flag draped casket.

"We lost a very good young man and fortunately we're here to be able to honor that young man," Jones added.

For Jones, being part of this moment is important.

It's how he honors Officer Galinger's life, his commitment to the badge and his ultimate sacrifice.

"This is a very noble profession. For him to be willing to come out and give his own self in order to make that ultimate sacrifice, it doesn't matter if he was here one day, 10 minutes or 20 minutes," he said.

Inside, their loss is beyond words.

But outside, they remain strong.

"We're all brokenhearted. But that's the professionalism that we have," Jones said.

For a moment fit for a man who knew his noble calling and proof his memory will forever live in Chattanooga's heart.

Officers from about a dozen departments in Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio assisted in Officer Galinger's escort to Cincinnati.

A group of officers from Chattanooga will leave Thursday to attend Officer Galinger's funeral services in Cincinnati.

Chattanooga Police Chief David Roddy will speak at Officer Galinger's funeral on Friday.