Dozens of Chattanoogans were standing alongside the police department this morning as they escorted Officer Nicholas Galinger to Cincinnati, Ohio.

The precession left from Heritage Funeral Home just after 9:00 am.

Law enforcement and military personnel stood at attention as they paid their respects to Officer Galinger.

Community members say it was a somber moment for the city.

“The way the officers had the intersection closed down," Tim Lawson said. “There were people getting out of their cars paying their respects.”

Tim Lawson and Janice Wilson attended the precession to pay respects to Chattanooga police and Gallinger's family.

“It's hard not to think about the family members that are behind that officer and having to go through that pain,” Lawson said.

“I saw the officer's mother on television, and I can only imagine the heartbreak that she's going through,” Wilson said.

Wilson says her son-in-law works with the police department in Kingsport, Tennessee.

While she was standing waiting on the precession, she was reminded of how important it is to support our men and women in blue.

She wears this charm bracelet for her son-in-law.

“Psalms 91; Lord protect, and I never take it off. Pray constantly for him and for his safety,” Wilson said.

Chattanooga supporters agree that during times like this the community really pulls together to lift each other up.

Wilson said she was inspired by this ceremony.

“Powerful for our city that all these men and women would show up,” said Wilson.

The supporters Channel 3 spoke to want to encourage everyone to be kind, and respectful to officers.