(NBC News) More young adults are taking a vacation this spring, according to a rise in traffic on booking apps like Hopper.

"Millennials have said that they value experiences over physical goods, so we're definitely seeing more and more people trying to travel," said Liana Corwin with Hopper.

Florida hot spots and beach destinations may come to mind for spring breakers, but more people are opting for international travel ahead of the summer season. Cancun, London and Paris are among the top 10 international destinations for Spring Break, in part, because of record low prices.

Millennials are also packing in more vacations each year, opting for shorter, more frequent trips over a longer vacation. One way they're doing that: "bleisure" travel. That's the trend of combining business and leisure by extending a business trip over the weekend.

"By doing that, they save employer money because flights are often cheaper coming back and they can have basically a free vacation," said Sam Shank with HotelTonight.

You'll have to plan ahead to get the best deal - prices shoot up around 40 percent in the two weeks before departure. But when it comes to booking your hotel, procrastination can sometimes pay.

"If you're flexible and if you can be spontaneous you can get rewarded with fantastic deals. Hotels work opposite of flights so the more you wait, the more you save," said Shank.

According to HotelTonight, deals start 100 days before travel, but the lowest prices are the day of check-in, if you can wait that long.

Another way to save: take advantage of shoulder season. That's the time between peak and off season. You can also save on destinations such as Napa Valley Vineyards and ski resorts that offer many of the same amenities for deep savings.

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