Spring City is in clean-up mode after seeing high levels of flooding this past weekend.

The Rhea County mayor says the area is looking at thousands of dollars in damages from Saturday morning's flash flooding.

Residents like Leon Locke who is a lifelong resident of Spring City said, "Out of all the floods this is the first time this building has been damaged."

Locke says this is the first flood in his 60 years where water has damaged his garage where the rushing waters washed away his 1967 mustang that he was restoring for a friend.

Locke said, "It belonged to their daughter who passed away, so got a lot of feelings in that little car, but as of now it's going to be another project to start from scratch on if possible."

Rhea County Mayor George Thacker says some relief is on its way.

Thacker said, “Got an organization that is helping us, we are going to be able to give out some money for people some monetary cards, and stuff. I've been here for 9 years and I’ve never seen that happen. Someone reach out to Chattanooga to help us like that, so I'm very excited."

Thacker says businesses were also hit hard by the flood waters.

Scott Gross is the owner of Specs in the City, which sells eyeglasses. He is currently looking at $10,000 to $15,000 in damages.

Saturday's flooding damaged his floors and walls, damage that other businesses have seen as well.

Gross like other business owners along Front Street weren't covered by insurance, which takes a toll on recovery efforts.

Gross said, "We checked into it, from what we were told it would mostly be structural coverage, so it wouldn’t cover everything we have had this week. So really, we took a gamble on making it 20 years to 15 years without having a flood come through."

Thacker is hoping to receive additional funding to help businesses and residents, but for now, the county is assessing damages and making plans to start rebuilding.

Rhea County officials hope the property damage meets the threshold to receive state and federal funding.

The county mayor is taking donations at his local office in Dayton.