MoviePass and Sinemia keep changing the rules. One is nowhere near as good as it used to be while the other is getting better.

You remember MoviePass, the too good to be true subscription where you could see a movie a day for around $10 a month? Some got it even cheaper than that.

After what seemed to be a weekly change in terms, MoviePass now offers three movies a month, for $13. Not bad, until you find out it's only good for a select few titles that change every day. Sometimes you can choose from only three. Monday it was 8. Seems you never can see the movie you want to see using a MoviePass freebie.

On the other hand, Sinemia offers three movies per month for $8 and every 2D movie is available to see. This is a promotional price.

If you want access to all the movies anytime, including IMAX and 3D. With MoviePass it's the red-carpet $22 a month subscription. Sinemia has a movie a day plan, like the old MoviePass, for $20, again this is a promotional price and we don't know how long it'll last.

MoviePass is easy to use with a debit card. Pick the movie you want to see, then pay for it with the card. Sinemia is more difficult. While you can buy tickets ahead of time, you have to buy them using Fandango or Atom, which will load the tickets in an app for you to scan. This means you'll have to pay convenience fees so add about $3 to every ticket. With the unlimited package, watch 10 movies and you can add another $30 dollars to the monthly cost.

Another problem with Sinemia is that it requires you pay for an annual subscription all at once. And with how these companies keep changing things, it might be risky.